Ohio Astrophotographers motto:

       "Stop whining and just shoot between the clouds."


George M. Gajdos began his life long interest in Astronomy more than fifty years ago when he received an inexpensive “Department Store” telescope as a Christmas present. The hobby of Astronomy has evolved considerably since then.

Parallel interests in Astronomy and Photography inevitably led to Mr. Gajdos’ love of Astrophotography so that he could share the beauty of the Universe with others.

When he is not out all night hunting down far away Galaxies and Nebula, Mr. Gajdos is a Martial Arts instructor at Yuen Sing Chinese Martial Arts School in Akron Ohio. With the help of his wife, Debra, Mr. Gajdos teaches Tai Chi and Kung Fu classes to help finance the many bells and whistles needed for this elaborate hobby.


Contact: [email protected]

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